Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday May 4, 2011

     Today I am five days old. The first five days of my life have been up and down and as more time goes on, the stronger I am becoming. I had a test this morning to see if the PDA in my heart has closed up. Mom and dad do not have the results yet, but my doctor did say that the technician reported that it looked like it was closing. That means that they will not be giving me any medicine to force it closed, and therefore, I can start to eat breast milk. We are waiting for the cardiologist to give the final ok after they look at the results. After not eating for five days, I am excited to have my first drops of milk. Other than that, today has been a quiet day for me. I have remained stable in all areas and when mom and dad visited me, they were able to hold my hand.

     Thank you for all of your positive thoughts over the past five days. I am staying strong your thoughts have helped mom, dad, and me through it all.

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