Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011

Things in the NICU are pretty much the same. My ventilator settings are down a little bit more and I am now up to 5cc. of breast milk! The doctor told mom that it would take 10 cc. for me to be able to maintain hydration without the IV fluids... however, they will probably continue the IV fluids until about 15 cc. feedings. He also said that there is a chance that I could be up to the 10 cc. feedings by early next week. The more I eat the more I grow, and the more I grow the stronger I am. The doctor also told mom that if I get to the 15 cc. feedings, they may take out my picc line. This is a good thing because the more lines I have going into me, the more chance of infections. The doctor also had a talk with the nurse practioner about possibly moving me to the conventional ventilator. They decided to wait a little longer and let me become a little stronger before they do that. The doctors rotate every three weeks, and therefore a new doctor will be starting on Monday. Hopefully he will continue with the same ideas as my current doctor. Today I am four weeks old... I have fought against all the odds and am stronger now than I was. Mom and dad keep saying that I must have been brought here for a reason, and that I teach them each and every day about strength. I may be small, but I have more strength in me then any full grown adult! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekends.

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