Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Happy one week birthday to me! I opened my eyes for the first time this morning. The nurse had to give me some medicine in my eyes, and I have kept them closed since. Since I sleep so much, I will not be having them open very often. That is good though because they aren't completly ready for the light. Since my eyes are open now though, the room is kept darker and a cover is kept over my bed when I am not being visisted. I am still eating the breast milk with no problems and had a pretty good day. My dad changed my diaper this afternoon. I was having a little hissy fit and therefore my oxygen had to be increased right before mom and dad camto visit. The doctor did a baby gram (x-ray) just to make sure that everything was ok. The baby gram came back all good. :) My Uncle Teddy came to meet me today also! After a good day, I am ready for some sleep and a great weekend. Thank you all for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.

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