Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

This infection isn't very nice. When mom and dad came to visit me this morning I was having a real hard time keeping the oxygen levels down. After trying a lot of different things, the nurse told mom and dad to put their hands on my back and head. After doing that for a few minutes, by oxygen levels started to stabalize. They spent a few hours with me and then left for quiet hours. While they were gone, I had my brain ultrasound and was able to keep my oxygen stable the whole time. When they came back, I had to have my heart ECHO done. So many tests in one day. I handled the ECHO well, and as soon as they were able to leave me alone my oxygen levels were great! It made mom so happy to see. She has decided that I simply have test anxiety. The results from the ECHO are not back, but... the ultrasound showed that there is a very small amount of bleeding in one ventricle around the brain. The right side of the brain is completly clear. So... this is good news. And... I was weighed and I gained 20 grams. I know that isn't much... however, most babies lose weight the first week, so it is good that I gained a little. I am hoping for a calm night with no tests and stable oxygen levels. Thank you for the continued prayers.... I know that they are helping me!

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