Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Today is my five week birthday and it was a very busy day. My blood gases have been coming back very good and therefore they lowered my vent settings over night. This morning the doctor decided that it was time to try and take the tube out of my mouth and try to place me on the CPAP machine. This machine has the prongs that go into my nose, but it requires me to breath on my own. They put me on the machine around 11 this morning and did another blood gas at 1 to see if I was doing ok. The results were good and therefore I am going to continue on the CPAP! There is always the chance that I may need to go back to a ventilator as time goes own, but we (the doctors and I) are going to try and do everything we can to keep me on the CPAP. My feedings are up to 16 ccs. and they will not go any higher until I get bigger. I also got to see pictures of my leaf that was donated to the NICU at Danbury. I was so very honored to see this and thank the Praxair Girls for thinking of me so much. I am proud to have a part of supporting other babies who are going through the difficult times that I am. So, it has been a great day and mom and dad are really excited about my progress.
My new CPAP. No tube in my throat!

My leaf - Thank you Praxair Girls... I am honored.

The first time you can see my whole face!

My first pacifier... I have to start to learn how to suck and breath.


  1. wow someone sure has been busy breathing on his own AND trying a pacifier. Way to go Alexander... praying for you and rooting you on.