Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011

Me and My Mom!
The beaituful card on the gifts from my shower
It is time for some new pictures of me. Some of my mom's co-workers had a nice shower for me today and I may just be the best dressed baby... when I am big enough to fit into all my new clothes! Thank you so much for the great gifts. My new stroller is going to be a great ride! When mom came to visit me, they were about to change my bed, so mom was able to hold me while they did that. The nurses are saying that I am much more curious now and looking around more (That's cause I am older and bigger!) No other changes, my CPAP settings are still good and I am breathing well!!! Thanks again for the beautiful gifts!

 A great visit while my bed was being cleaned

Mom and I are holding hands!

So curious!

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  1. haha my husband saw these and commented to our (bald) twins about all the beautiful hair you have on your head alexander!