Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011

Good Morning All! Things down in the nicu are moving along. The liver doctor came and looked at my test results, ultrasound, and records and then decided that he did not know what caused my enzymes to increase. In addition, they have repeated some of the tests at the end of the week, and they results are looking better. My enzymes are coming down on their own. So... they have ruled out all the really bad things (ex... hepatitis), and since I am healing myself, they believe that it will be ok. I am starting to have some more problems breathing now though. It has been a week since I started on the CPAP, and I am just getting tired. Because I am so small, it is difficult for me to keep working this hard. I may have to be moved back to the ventilator, however, they will not put me on the one I was one before, they will start me on the conventional one. This is still a step foward for me overall from where I was and that will also allow me time to rest some and grow more.

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