Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

Good Evening everyone. The past week I have spent many hours recovering from my tracheostomy surgery. The surgery went well. Overall it took about 50 minutes and my mom and dad waited for me the whole time outside the NICU. Once it was over they were able to come see me, however, I was pretty sleepy on the medicines. Every since I have not done much but lay still in the bed. The doctor does not want me moving a lot as the trach heals. I am starting to get a little restless though, and hopefully I will be allowed more freedom soon. Tomorrow the surgeon will come back to do the first trach change with my mom and dad there. I still have to get the vent settings down more before I can come home so we are still looking at several weeks at least. Mom is hoping that I can be home for the holiday season. Mom and dad will also have to learn how to take care of me and all my trach equipment. They will spend at least 24 hours with me in the hospital before I am discharged. So... my journey continues... my face is clear at least! I will post pictures next time! Since I am not moving a lot, there are not many new pictures yet... but I know that there will be soon. Thank you for helping me to pull through... though I have a long way still to travel... your love and prayers have helped my family and I so much over the past few weeks!!!

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  1. I kept checking and checking for an update, so glad to read one. I am sure it must be so trying for you to be facing down several more weeks, but look how far Alexander has already come. I can only imagine how overwhelming this trach business must feel, but I also know that there will come a day in the not so distant future where you will be so familiar with his trach care that it will become second nature for you. Very much looking forward to seeing more pics of his cute little face. Sending love, hubs and prayers to you all. Thank you so much for the update!