Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

Greetings from the NICU. Things have been going very well for me. In the past week I have been able to come back off the vent... AND... was put back on the nasal canuale on Monday. I am much happier to have the small prongs instead of the large ones from the CPAP machine. Since I have been feeling pretty good, I have had many visitors to the NICU. Mom and dad hold me many times a day, and even visitors are able to hold me too. Today, they moved me into the big crib bed. No more isolate. As long as I can maintain my body temperature I will be able to stay in the crib and be much more social. Overall... things are going well!

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  1. wow he is really chubbing up haha. i love his cheeks. so cute. so happy he is out of the isolette. continued prayers for you all. thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. can't wait to hear that he is heading home... that day will be here before you know it!